Curse Of Binding Minecraft

Curse of Binding Minecraft: What Is It & How It Works?

Curse of Binding Minecraft is an enchantment in the game that stops players from removing cursed items from their inventory once they have been equipped. The Minecraft Curse of Binding is perhaps the most difficult to deal with of all the enchantments. You can do pranks with your teammates, opponents, and even mobs.

Curse enchantments can be very harsh, having a bad impact on the cursed piece of equipment. The enchantment items of gear restrict players from removing them after they’ve been put on. It implies that it’s impossible to unequip the item which is cursed until the player dies, the item breaks, or the player enters creative mode, regardless of how many times they try.

Curse of Binding Minecraft enchantment can be a misery for naive or inexperienced players, and it permits experienced players to do a little taunting on them.

So, this article will briefly describe what is Curse of Binding in Minecraft? How does it work? How to get rid of Curse of Binding? Let’s dive into the details.

What Does Curse of Binding Do in Minecraft?

Using the Curse of Binding Minecraft enchantment can be a very crucial asset. The Curse of Binding is an enchantment that actually links the cursed item to the player when equipped. It is not possible to remove it with an Anvil.

Armor and enchanted books are the only places where the Curse of Binding can be found. You can’t take off your armor once you’ve put it on because of this feature. It’s only possible to get rid of the cursed item if the player dies or armor wears out from wear and tear.

Because of this, it becomes more challenging to choose a helmet and chest plate as it prevents the player from ever wearing Elytra or a turtle shell in harder worlds. Die-hard players can only take off the armor by wearing it down to zero endurance.

It can be used on anything that is utilized in some manner. When used on weaponry or equipment, it has no effect on the players. The following list shows which things are susceptible to the Minecraft Curse of Binding:

  • Carved Pumpkins
  • Hats
  • Leggings
  • Boots
  • Chestplates
  • Elytra
  • Player/Mob Heads

Cursed leather armor can be set up by players who feel like being implied. In server terms, this implies that unarmored players are doomed to wear the lowest quality armor unless they end up dying or their leather armor shatters. In my opinion, there are plenty of trolls who are overjoyed about the possibility of it.

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How Curse of Binding Minecraft Works?

The Curse of Binding Minecraft enchantment is difficult to eliminate until the item breaks or the player who has worn the item dies.

You can detach the item if you’ve got the ability to rapidly switch into creative mode. If this isn’t an option, the safest bet is to store all of your valuables in a chest. Eventually, the players must die in order to remove the item.

If you’re a really cunning Minecraft player, you might imagine that disenchanting an object with a grindstone can eliminate its curse. An effort to do just that by a player will only result in them receiving their item back with the curse remaining attached to it.

The Curse of Binding in Minecraft has many more uses for mappers than just trapping players. Having armor that can’t be removed is useful for mapmakers who would like the player to always have specific objects on them, particularly if taking them outbreaks the map in some way.

Using Minecraft Curse of Binding Enchantment to Troll Players

Using Curse of Binding Minecraft enchantment to troll players
Image Credit: Minecraft

In order to troll someone with the Curse of Binding, players will either have to find an unwitting aim or think creatively. Forcefully equipping armor on other players can be accomplished by the use of dispensers. The use of a pressure plate and a dispenser with a carved pumpkin can be a very inventive approach.

The Minecraft fans should need an associated enchantment book and an anvil to enchant a carved pumpkin with a Curse of Binding. Then, they can attempt to persuade other players to wear the cursed carved pumpkin. The players can use the dispenser to forcefully deploy the item onto the other player. The player will be trapped with a carved pumpkin on their head after the item is equipped.

Death is the only option for the other player if he wants to get rid of the carved pumpkin from his head. Because this is a horrible scam, take that statement as a caution about what evil people can really do. The Curse of Binding in Minecraft is one of the most important enchantments to use.

How to Get the Minecraft Curse of Binding Enchantment?

Like many other enchantments in Minecraft, the players will have to make some efforts to get this enchantment.

Remember, Curse of Binding Minecraft is a valuable enchantment so you can only obtain it from chest loot, fishing, raid rewards. The other method is to purchase it from the librarian villager using emeralds. In the java edition, the armor pieces curse of binding can be found from villager trades. It’s not an easy task to obtain a diamond armor piece. You can’t wear it before upgrading it to the maximum until you choose to die.

If you’d like to make sure you’re always wearing the greatest armor, refine the piece to netherite. Also before putting it on, equip the piece of armor with all the desired enchantments. A curse of binding can be avoided if the part of the armor is perfectly fit before you put it on, as you’ll be wearing it the whole time.

How to Get Rid of Curse of Binding Minecraft?

You are not able to remove the Minecraft Curse of Binding in the survival mode. Any enchantment can be eliminated by using the grindstone except Minecraft curses.

The method to remove the Curse of Binding enchantment is by placing and breaking the carved pumpkins or mob heads. Mob heads and pumpkins will drop as normal. You can properly detach the armor piece in the creative mode however the item will still be cursed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Curse of Binding Work on Weapons?

Normally, the weapons can’t be equipped with this enchantment. It is still possible to remove the item even by enchanting the weapon with the curse of binding by using commands. The curse has an impact only on wearable things.

Q. What is the Purpose of Curse of Binding in Minecraft?

It disallows the players to remove the cursed items from the inventory after they are enchanted. The enchantment keeps a cursed item from being removed from its armor position.

Q. What Happens If You Die With a Curse of Binding in Minecraft?

The way to remove the curse of binding armor items is by normally dropping all of the items including the cursed ones as well. But even after dropping, if you pick any item again it will still remain cursed. If it becomes possible that you can still maintain your inventory even after the death, it means even after respawning, you can’t save yourself from the cursed armor piece.

Q. What Happens If You Put Curse of Binding on a sword?

The curse of binding does not make any impact on the sword or prevent the players to equip or remove from the inventory. The enchantment only affects the things that are wearables by the players.

Q. Is Curse of Binding in Minecraft is Good?

For those who enjoy playing tricks on others, the Minecraft Curse of Binding has some redeeming qualities. Using a carved pumpkin greatly reduces a player’s visibility. Through the use of an anvil and an enchantment book, a pumpkin can be infected with the Curse of Binding.

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