Coins-Capital Review: Speed and Efficiency While Trading

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Speed is important for traders as it can be the difference between a good trade and a bad one. With the speed of modern markets, it is important for Traders to use a brokerage that helps them to access markets with speed. Coins-Capital makes this possible through its responsive platform and access to a long list of assets, including forex, cryptocurrencies, and CFDs. Additionally, users can open an account without any starting balance.

Coins-Capital has created a fast but efficient environment where traders can get the best out of their trading tools. We will examine the pros and cons of this platform while delivering a verdict that would help you decide if this is the broker you need. Want to know more about the platform? Here is our unbiased review.


Access to Multiple Financial Markets

Traders want access to multiple markets because it gives them more options while trading and allows them to diversify their portfolios. Coins-Capital gives users access to markets such as options, forex, cryptocurrency, ETFs, and CFDs. All traders on the platform have access to these assets, and they can add them to their portfolios as they please. These markets allow users to hedge their portfolios and prevent over-exposure to a particular market. It also gives users more options when adding assets to their portfolios.

Portfolio Tracking and Analysis

To get an edge in the market, traders need to measure how well they are performing. With advanced portfolio tracking tools, users can analyze their portfolios and see the value of their assets. The tracking and analysis tool helps traders take a deep dive into their portfolios and discover what is working and what is not. It is the first step to correcting your trading strategy and rebalancing your portfolio if needed.

Zero Fee Trading

Coins-Capital does not charge its users any trading fees. This is its way of reducing the barriers to entry for new traders. Trading fees have long been a big deterrent to retail traders, and this is the platform’s way of allowing users to increase the efficiency of their trades. Furthermore, they can optimize their account balances and use the entirety to trade the markets. Coins-Capital is a leading broker in the zero-fee trading movement, and it ensures that users get more value for their money when they trade. Users are also not charged any hidden fees apart from trade commissions which are charged to users.


Accounts are Slow to Open

It takes some days to open a fully functioning account on the platform. Coins-Capital performs a number of KYC (Know Your Customers) checks on new users in order to comply with AML (Anti-Money Laundering) regulations. This puts a longer time frame on account opening, but it ensures that once the accounts are open, users can start enjoying full brokerage services. It is worth mentioning that the wait is totally worth it to gain full access to various markets without any trading fees.


Coins-Capital is a fast and efficient broker for users who want to enter and exit markets easily. Additionally, users who want a proper analysis of their portfolio and the ability to track their asset prices should use this broker. The platform is designed to accommodate new and old traders alike in a conducive environment where they can trade markets efficiently. Coins-Capital is committed to excellence and will not charge users for their trades and will also ensure that they can utilize their full trading balances. Overall, Coins-Capital is a decent broker with a responsive app that allows access to multiple markets—your best bet for efficient trades.


In our Coins-Capital review, we discussed the pros and cons of the platform. Hopefully, we have covered enough detail for you to make your decision, but if we have not, visit the platform website for more information. Additionally, you can contact the customer service unit with your inquiries.

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