4 Cloud Solutions Trends That Deserve Attention

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Until recently, cloud technologies were considered the prerogative of large corporations, but today they are used by both small and medium-sized businesses. Cloud-sphere, meanwhile, is actively developing and every year presents new features and applications. We will tell you why you should definitely switch to cloud solutions and what industry trends are clearly visible in 2021.

Only Clouds Solutions

As the statistics of last year showed, more and more companies are switching to the cloud only. According to this idea, the cloud service is becoming a unified way of building infrastructure. Almost one-third of corporate investments were made in the development of cloud-only products and applications. And as practice shows this year, the amount of deductions is increasing every month.

This trend is quite understandable: cloud technologies have established themselves as a good alternative to physical infrastructure, almost no successful project is complete without the use of certain cloud solutions or tools.

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Software Development Automation

The use of the cloud has made it possible to automate SaaS development. Applications that work according to this model (that is, “applications as a business”) can be combined by two criteria:

Such programs require constant updating. The speed of rolling out new functionality is critical to maintaining competitiveness.

They are susceptible to crashes and crashes: If the SaaS is broken, there are many frustrated users.

As a result, such applications must combine two opposing characteristics. On the one hand, fast updates are needed (faster than the nearest competitors). On the other hand, the service should not be allowed to fall, and, therefore, you need to quickly track and fix errors.

That is why the active use of the cloud for SaaS has become a trend. It is worth saying that this situation is understandable. After all, not every company can create its own infrastructure, hire employees to administer servers, and pay for their maintenance and modernization.

There is also a trend toward using the cloud for PaaS (Platform as a Service). Cloud storage allows you to get customized services, databases, and machine learning complexes. And almost 50% of the tools that are used for these purposes can only be obtained in the cloud.

Intelligent Analysis

The trend this year has been the use of the cloud for data processing in the financial sector. Banks and insurance companies were previously considered quite conservative, but today they are increasingly using the latest in IT technologies.

The cloud was no exception, and some banks began to trust even public services. These technologies have made it possible to test new solutions in the area of big data analysis, as well as the capabilities of artificial intelligence.

Technologies and solutions are being discussed that would also democratize access to data and analysis results – not only from the perspective of end-users but also from that of other applications. Analytics dashboards can be integrated into any web framework, for example, using embedded analytics. Using these tools, you can scale your reporting module without requiring any additional development and track progress in real-time.

With cloud-based solutions, companies in the financial sector can reduce the cost of automating routine operations.

Storage of Personal Data in the Field of Healthcare

The storage and processing of personal information are strictly regulated by law. Therefore, initially, cloud solutions in this industry were treated with caution.

But now it has become clear that all information can be transferred to the cloud: providers of such platforms provide excellent privacy settings and can customize applications for the needs of a particular organization.

As a result, more and more cloud storage is used for the personal data of patients in clinics and medical organizations.

In What Areas Are Cloud Solutions Used?

The listed trends refer only to the largest sectors of economic activity. At the same time, cloud solutions are used in other areas as well. They are chosen for a number of reasons:

  • Organization of MVP (so-called “minimum viable products”). Very often, a powerful infrastructure is needed to develop business ideas, but using it constantly is very expensive. Cloud technologies help to “build” infrastructure on time and, if necessary, to abandon unnecessary capacities.
  • Possibility of modernization of the existing IT system and transition to a new architecture. Today, even small businesses choose the cloud, as it allows them to translate programs and applications into a more modern and convenient microservice format. Despite the fact that cloud solutions have many advantages, you should never forget about security and use cloud testing services.
  • Use of ready-made system components. Cloud technologies enable PaaS and applications in marketplaces to meet business needs. That is, you can use databases, analysis, and monitoring systems for highly targeted procedures. Deploying the required applications in the cloud is possible in just a few clicks.
  • Implementation of innovative technologies. Companies that develop in the field of artificial intelligence are actively switching to cloud services. Moreover, services are used as the basis of digital infrastructure for companies of any type.
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