Buying Gaming Mouse Pads in UK (An Ultimate Guide)

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It may seem trivial, but choosing the right and perfect gaming mouse pad can mean the difference between a laptop cursor’s smooth, precise movements and the frustrating clunkiness of a cheap knockoff.

A mouse pad is one of those things that most people probably don’t realize they need until they find themselves in the market for one. Gamers’ mouse pads can come in all shapes and sizes, but a few things are generally true about them. For starters, the best mouse pads will always have a smooth surface, but don’t worry too much about your chosen material. While you can spend hundreds of dollars on fancy leather, the most important thing is getting a comfortable fit. You can check out some best gaming mouse mat UK if you are from here.

This article will cover all aspects to choose one of the fine gaming mouse pads and narrowing down the list that helps you find the right one easily.

Basics of Mouse pad Build

There are three main pillars of a mouse pad: Surface, Base, and Edge. All these components are much crucial in their concerns. Let’s break down these pillars to make your decision easier.


There are several types of surfaces available in the market. The kind of fabric and construction for the Cloth surface are the most crucial factors. Do not pay attention to those labeled as “Controlled” or “Speed Optimization.” mousepads. The primary key for the mousepad is control and speed.

In addition to enjoying the best experience of mouse movement, you should consider the friction on the surface, which helps us slide our wrists on the mouse pad comfortably.


The most overlooked thing in the mouse pad is its base, but it is the only component that differentiates between a good and bad quality mouse pad. They come in several thicknesses and can play an essential role in the mouse movement experience.

  • Slim Base (2mm) 

It is ideal for those persons that prefer a more solid feel. Similar to using a hard surface mouse pad, but with more comfort.

  • Heavy Base (5mm) 

It is ideal for those that prefer comfortable moments. The surface is much softer and more comfortable.

  • Standard Base (3mm) 

It is considered the best for slim and heavy. It is not too thin, but not too thick. We use this base for most of our mouse pads.


There is a surface and a base. These two parts are usually glued together. Over time, you’ve seen the top and bottom start to fray. This mostly happens with cheap mouse pads.

They decided to add a thick, stitched frame around the mouse pad to secure the seam between the surface and the base to solve this problem. This anti-fly frame dramatically improves the durability and beauty of the mouse pad and withstands the challenges of time in a gaming session. Another edge is that the mouse pad is easy to wash. The structure is strong enough to wash in the washing machine.

Top 4 Characteristics of a Good Mouse Pad

Among numerous characteristics, these below mentioned four factors differentiate between a good and lousy mouse pad::

#1. Size

Size is the most notable characteristic of gaming mouse pads. If you are a laptop user, you should use a mouse pad of a small size that covers a mouse range area, but if you use a desktop computer and play games on a PC, you should have a large mousepad that covers a whole table.

#2. Material

Mouse pad material can surprise you with experience. Therefore, some things need to be clarified first. What game you are playing, and what do you want from your mouse speed or control. Then choose the best one for you among cloth, silicon, glass, and aluminum material mousepad.

Fabrics are still the most popular material for a mousepad. Creators have a non-slip coating and usually use rubber. Sound quality is the main advantage of fabrics. So if you want a mouse pad with a low budget, go for the fabric surface mouse pads.

#3. Wrist Support Height

It is imperative to stay neutral and not bend your wrist as much as possible to prevent wrist injuries. If the wrist is too low, the arm’s height can stress the wrist and cause carpal tunnel syndrome. Also, if your wrists are too high,  your fingers, wrists, and hands can get tired quickly.

The perfect wrist height support is a “1 to 1.2″ deep palm rest. The higher it is, the more difficult it is to keep your wrists neutral and the more you feel pain in your hands.

#4. Price

Like all other products, there are mouse pads in different price ranges. Costs vary in many ways. Your goal is to find an affordable mouse pad that is durable and guarantees high click accuracy.

In most cases, branded products are slightly more expensive than regular products available on the market. A good brand reputation is only gained if the quality of the product is good and people trust that the brand offers only the best. If you are looking for the best custom gaming mouse pads experience, strumous is the best option for you.

You might be willing to spend a few more dollars to get a reliable item that will last a long time. However, consider that price is not the only factor determining product quality. There are other factors to consider. Always keep in mind that everyone’s needs are different. You only need to choose the one that best suits your needs.


What is the best material for a mouse pad?

The soft fabric material is best for enjoying a good gaming experience because the fabric provides more friction and can read clicks efficiently.

Is it OK to use the mouse on wood?.

No, it’s not an excellent approach to use the mouse on wood because the wood has a more rigid surface; it can damage your optical mouse, and you might feel lacking after some time.

Final Words

The perfect mouse pad is a need and a comfort zone while putting your hands on a mouse for a prolonged period. Considering the essential factors will save you time and bucks while letting your wrist relax in a comfortable position while working on the screen.

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