7 Best Tips to Become a Professional PUBG Mobile Player

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Since its launch, PUBG Mobile has become one of the most played games in the history of online games. Now there are crazy tournaments labeled with big prize pools that are taking the excitement of playing this game to a whole new level. And if you are also someone who has been hooked on this game for a long time and is busy brushing up the skills and reaction time, then this article is for you.

From fighting in Erangel for your life to crawling in the grasses of Sanhok, we all have played PUBG Mobile at least once. However, not every one of us gets to enjoy that chicken dinner every time – why? Simply because you do not have the hacks to success. Here are some Safe PUBG Cheats to help you become a professional player that guarantees a nice chicken dinner after every match and have you competing with pro players in no time. Below are some of the best tips to become a professional PUBG Mobile player to clear out the battlefield.

Select the Correct Ammunition and Weapon

First things first, if you want to survive on the battlefield, you must master the art of finding the right weapon and managing the ammunition according to the battle and your play style. As soon as you drop onto the battlefield, find the ammunition and weapon you might need in the first few minutes to take down your enemies and switch them with the stronger ones later in the game.

Pick the Tools You Really Need

In PUBG Mobile, you can’t just stay in one place and stuff your backpack with everything that comes your way – you have to be strategic with your gameplay. You have to be smart and quick while selecting the tools and other things you need in the match. You have to hurry in the game, so don’t carry unnecessary items along with you.

Select the Best Graphic Settings

The best thing about PUBG Mobile is its accessibility; you can play the game on any device, be it Android or iOS. But, to make the most, some things are there that you have to do before entering the match. To make sure you compete well in the game, check whether your device is suitable for the fast gameplay. Check the frame rate of your device; usually, 90 frames per second or higher is recommended for a better gaming experience. Higher frame rates give you a faster gaming experience and increase the chances of winning.

Do Not Play on Low Volumes

Until and unless you have already decided to get yourself killed, it is best to play the PUBG Mobile with the volume on. Never play on low volume in PUBG – it will only increase your chances of returning to the lobby. Plug in your headphones to hear better; try to listen to the footsteps of any nearby players, see from where the firing sound is coming, and locate it on the map. It will give a general idea about your enemy’s location without you needing to get out of your cover.

Do Not Fire Unnecessarily

If you are someone who showers the round of bullets as soon as any player becomes visible, stop! If you do not want to get yourself killed or blow up your hiding location, stop doing that. Instead, try to be calm and aim carefully to land a shot. Even though you might not be able to get a kill sometimes, you will surely cause significant damage to the player.

Practice Your Aiming Skills

PUBG Mobile doesn’t go easy on players with poor aiming skills. The game is all about taking that precise aim, shooting down your enemy, and being the last man standing. Of course, you can’t improve your aim overnight, but with lots of practice and a bit of strategy, you can dramatically improve your aiming skills.

Play With a Team

If you are a newbie, it is best to stick to your squad in PUBG Mobile. It will help explore the game in a much better way. Observe how they play and their strategies, and try replicating them in your gameplay. Once you get a thorough knowledge about the game, you can try your luck by going solo but until then, play in a team.

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