Best SEO Companies For Small Business
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Search Engine Optimization is becoming a need of every business with an online appearance because of high competition and competitors. However, doing all of the SEO stuff is impossible for a non-technical person who does not know the factors that Google considers for ranking. Secondly, having a small business may not permit you to spend thousands of dollars on high PR SEO companies. Our researchers have conducted some top-rated best SEO companies for small business who will provide you with the services you are looking for at affordable prices.

Best Affordable SEO Companies

1 – Amazing Tech Solutions

Let’s start our first review with a top-rated SEO company known as “ATS.” This company is not just a standard SEO company like others. There are so many good things about them, they deliver affordable SEO for small business industry. Their employees always claim to provide positive ROI by running campaigns and bringing your business in front of the right and potential people. Amazing Tech Solutions has a dedicated account manager who values your input and does in-depth research for understanding industry and strategic goals.

Amazing Tech Solutions

The team of this SEO company has excellent and experienced hands to get things done. We love one thing about them; they take the client step by step along with the project and keep up-to-date by providing daily reporting and monitoring the overall performance. The first goal of every SEO firm is to drive more organic traffic for generating leads and conversions. Let’s dig into their working strategies to know more about ATS:

1. Keyword Research

While creating an SEO campaign, ATS determines the essential factors and focuses on potential keywords. From their perspective, each user has a unique need regarding your industry, service, or product. Employees must understand the needs of visitors and know how they think. Amazing Tech Solutions analyzes the mindset of a visitor by targeting keyword demographics. It helps your business to rank in local searches as well as for international audiences.

2. Off-Page SEO

The Off-page SEO techniques of ATS boost SERP rankings, which increase the credibility and value of a business website. Their experts handle external ranking factors, which are crucial in the eyes of search engines. You will outrank your competitors with tried and tested off-page strategies of ATS. It includes link building, bringing social signals, and increasing the relevancy of your website.

3. On-Page SEO

The on-page factors are as important as off-page. This company will update and optimize your pages by assessing HTML source code and content for generating real organic results. It will include optimization of meta tags, meta description, keyword insertion, linking. They let the crawler know that you are a trustworthy business holder of the industry. In the end, SEO writers will start working on the top-notch content for your website.

2 – Colorado SEO Pros

Colorado SEO Pros

The second best SEO company for small businesses on our list is Colorado SEO Pros. It is an exceptional small business SEO agency that provides top-notch services by serving regional, national, and enterprise organizations. They aim to help market leaders by delivering result-oriented solutions and identifying complex SEO problems. Before getting things started, it would be best to set an appointment for a consultation about your business or website with them.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving a website’s visibility in the search engines. Colorado SEO Pros conduct their process with six stages that we mentioned below:

1. Discovery

The first and the most important step for this SEO company is to identify goals, challenges, opportunities, and objectives to work on. It helps them to get a deep understanding of your business and what is lacking in the process. The process of discovering help to:

  • Manage initial discovery call
  • Do SEO audit
  • Get analytics access for data collection
  • Planning the project
  • Scheduling campaigns
  • Eliminating campaigns and strategies that are not effective

2. SEO Research

After going through the first step, the company conducts competitor analysis, which is important to understand deeply about the working of competitors and their behaviors, which helps them establish SEO campaign strategy.

3. Keyword & Topic Research

Keyword research is as important as competitors’ research. The fact is that SEO strategies have entirely changed over the last decade. It is continually evolving as google, and other search engines are bringing updates. Keyword analysis plays a vital role in content planning. This digital marketing company will craft a hyper-targeted keyword strategy for your business to outrank other competitors and book your spot in #1 in your industry.

4. Analysis Of Backlinks

Off-page SEO plays a very significant role in the ranking and establishment of websites. The optimal SEO performance depends on high-quality backlinks. Its quantity and quality influence the SEO performance for individual pages or entire websites.

5. Technical SEO

After finalizing and testing off-page SEO factors, the second last one is Technical SEO. This factor’s main purpose is to optimize websites effectively for search engine crawlers or spiders so that they index information from each page. Colorado SEO Pros work on significant technical issues that prevent bots from collecting accurate data and processing page information. Some of the important technical SEO are:

  • Mobility Usage
  • Page Load Speed
  • Rel= Canonical usage
  • XML sitemaps
  • Robots.txt file
  • 404 error
  • 301 redirect
  • HTTPS implementation

6. On-Page SEO

The last and the most important factor in Search Engine Optimization is On-page SEO. Their experts plan, optimize, and create original content based on user intent and search behavior in this module. Using help from so many practical SEO tools helps them create the best guidelines for the content that ranks faster. After leveraging data from different sources, Colorado SEO Pros develop a blueprint for SEO content writers and provide them to writers which include:

  • Overall writing guidelines
  • Main keyword & variants
  • FAQ’s
  • Feature snippet targeting details
  • Ideal content length or word count
  • Content structure and user intent

Once the content is created, it goes under complete optimization and then approved for publishing.

3 – WebFx


Here we come with the recommendation of an SEO company that stands perfect for small businesses to grow 10x faster than others. Increase your business sales by increasing sales numbers, improving quality leads, and driving the next level’s number of revenues, they have the best SEO management for small business organizations.

WebFx is an award-winning SEO company aiming to solve clients’ online business problems, no matter what their business scale is. You will feel even more reliable on webfx after knowing that they have driven more than $2.4 billion in revenue for clients all over the world. Let’s dig into some reasons for choosing this SEO company for your business.

Why WebFx?

They are in SEO for more than 20 years and gain extensive experience in almost every industry that outstands them from others. They are the most experienced and one of the best SEO companies for small business industry in the world. The team of professionals at WebFx will create a custom strategy that will drive endless organic results you are always looking for. Their 20 years of experience has generated :

  • Over $2.4 billion revenue
  • More than 6.5 million leads
  • More than 4 million phone calls

These kinds of mindblowing results will help your business launch more products and services confidently for growing business to the next level.

Another reason for working with WebFx is you get partnered with a dedicated account manager. Your account manager will work for you as an in-house manager. They tend to learn your business, name, location, and several other things for more efficient working and communication. It will also help you to track your SEO reports in real-time.

SEO Process Of WebFx

1. Research

The first important thing for developing the best SEO strategy is to conduct research. That is why the account manager we partnered with will start researching new and existing SEO and target audiences. Your account manager will conduct the following things in this stage:

  • Complete and in-depth analysis of competitors
  • SEO audit of your website

2. Optimization

After conducting the research, our experts will start working on optimizing a website that includes top-notch SEO content that ranks faster, keyword research, improving site structure, and improving usability for optimal user experience.

3. Content

As we all know, content is the “king” in digital marketing, whether you are doing SEO or content marketing. Better and refined content will bring better organic audience opportunities, more search, better CTR, and revenue chances than competitors. The team WebFx has top-rated copywriters and content writers that will help to generate top-notch content related to your industry or business and will provide you:

  • Product or Sales Copy
  • Blog posts
  • Online guides

What WebFx Will Do For Your Business?

Many hypes about the term SEO may confuse you on what to choose or what to not. Let’s discuss some legit strategies for SEO. There are a lot of practical benefits that SEO will provide to your business. The first and most important one out of them is gaining a good amount of traffic to your website. Every business owner’s goal is to bring more traffic and customers for converting them into money. WebFx will do this for you by targeting the most potential keywords in your industry.


Is SEO worth it for small business?

In SEO, time is money, and the longer you wait to invest in a successful campaign, the longer it takes to get free traffic. To address this point and give an answer to this, SEO is an excellent investment that is well worth the money. By spending on SEO, you’re creating a valuable asset for your business.

Does SEO require coding?

You don’t need any coding skills in the SEO industry. All you need is a working knowledge of HTML, i.e. the basics. After having some knowledge, you will be able to evaluate your knowledge and decide if your website needs any coding changes.

Is SEO hard to learn?

Making your way into the field of Search Engine Optimization and becoming a skilled SEO expert is not difficult. All you should do is be able to put in the time and efforts needed to learn the modern SEO terms. There are numerous online ways available to help you learn SEO.

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