3 Best Portable PEMF Devices: The Ultimate Guide

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Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy is a safe and effective treatment for health maintenance. It’s no surprise that many acute and chronic health problems, including injuries and pain management, are resolved with improved portable PEMF devices.

When receiving PEMF therapy treatments, a lot of patients expect the limitations of bulky machines. This is because office treatments can be costly and inconvenient. Hence, the need for devices that are much easier to handle and maintain. You can also check out the Sentient Element PEMF devices.

Let’s find out more.

What You Should Know About PEMF Devices

Purchasing portable PEMF devices that do not require power from an electrical outlet not only allows for flexibility but also versatility in treatments. A PEMF device will still be efficient for use even after treating the initial condition you got it for because it is an effective health maintenance tool. In a home treatment system, you can be certain that PEMF treatments will be very comfortable with these devices.

Portable PEMF devices can also be used while on a business trip or vacation. Sometimes, painful conditions need a therapeutic system that will help you even when you need to travel. Competitive athletes can also benefit from having these portable devices, especially since competition means a great deal of travel.

Benefits of Portable PEMF Devices

Researchers have detailed the benefits of PEMF therapy for years, and many studies have been carried out with the use of portable devices rather than machines for the office system. Some studies conclude on the following:

#1. Patients undergoing unilateral mandibular third molar extraction depend on portable PEMF therapy devices to ease pain and direct quality healing. In this study, three post-surgery groups were given a test device, placebo device, or no device. Patients recorded their pain using a visual analog scale and tracked analgesic use for a week. The researchers concluded that providing PEMF therapy using a portable device improved soft tissue healing and was very effective for pain management after oral surgery.

#2. Research also showed that treatment with portable PEMF devices has a great impact on pain in fibromyalgia patients. There was a significant improvement in the healing of major venous leg ulcers. Yet another benefit to experience from using these devices.

#3. Another study examined whether portable PEMF therapy can help reduce pain in early knee osteoarthritis. With VAS scores, the overall decrease in means although there was a small trial, PEMF therapy was efficient. A portable PEMF device can have a significant and quick impact on knee pains.

How To Choose A Portable PEMF Device

Several high-quality portable PEMF devices are available in the market today. To select the appropriate device, you will need to depend on its purpose. The two major factors to consider include size and weight, especially since the goal is to be able to transport it easily whenever you need to.

Although, there are some other questions that you may want to consider as well. On how many occasions can you use the device? What level of intensity and frequency do you need? What type of treatment is necessary?

You will also need to consider your pocket and plan a budget system. Whether you are going for home use or clinician use, you need to work with a budget. No one system will be right in every situation, so you must do proper research before deciding on any matter.


Everyone can benefit from having a portable PEMF device at their disposal. It is less stressful to handle one. Better still, getting one today is a very efficient way of maintaining your health at a cheap price.

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