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Cloud storage services are the best way to store or save your huge amount of data online rather than to store on your local computer’s hard drives. Hard drives only have limited storage so you can only store limited data on your computer.

You can buy unlimited cloud storage to store as much data as you want. Many businesses around the world are using cloud storage services to manage, maintain, and control their data.

Cloud storage stores your files and documents on remote physical locations or servers called cloud. These servers are operated and maintained by the third-party companies from them you buy cloud storage. They allow you to store your files in their hardware and charge you for this.

Now, I’m going to tell you some of the best cloud storage services to store any type of data.

IDrive is one of the best cloud storage service company. Especially, this is the best service to take the backup of files. They allow you to back up any of your data from the computer’s desktop.

IDrive Cloud Storage Service

Its IDrive Express Tool lets you backup GBs of data within a week. You can access this data anytime when needed. This is a great service especially for those businesses that need to back up their large amount of data. They can store their massive amount of data in IDrive’s databases.

Their web version allows the sharing of files from Facebook, Gmail, and Twitter. They give 5 GB storage in their free plan. Moreover, they have their personal and business plans if you need more storage and features. The following are their plans and prices:

IDrive Pricing

2. Google Drive

It is a Google cloud storage service by Google to store data online. Google Drive is storage that almost everyone especially android users are using for sync and backup purposes. Google Drive is the best cloud storage for android and the best personal cloud storage. They give 15 GB of free storage. You can store your important files from the computer by using this storage. If you want more storage, you have to buy it.

Google Drive Cloud Storage

Google Drive is already integrated into Android devices. By using the Google Photos app, you can store a large number of photos in mobile devices.

15 GB storage is available for individuals. But if teams and businesses need more storage, they have to buy a GSuite plan. The basic plan of GSuite starts at 8$ per month along with features such as Gmail business email as well as Google Meet for video conference.

Moreover, their business plan starts at 16$ per month. You will get unlimited storage in this plan. In which, you get a smart cloud storage feature that allows you to search files all across the GSuite. For an enterprise plan, you need to contact them. GSuite pricing and plans are the following:

GSuite Pricing and Plans

You will get the following features and applications in these plans:

GSuite Features and Applications

<3. Dropbox

It is one of the old and mostly used best free online storage. Dropbox provides the space to store all kinds of files. Dropbox provides a dashboard that allows you to control, monitor, and maintain all of your data. You can also analyze the file-sharing activity by just accessing your admin area.

Dropbox Cloud Storage Srevice

They give you 2 GB of free storage. You can access your files anytime, from anywhere around the world by just using a stable internet connection.

The best thing about Dropbox is that you can use it on any platform. Probably, many of you are already using this storage. By using this service, you can share any type of files such as Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx), Photoshop (.psd) files, etc.

Their personal plan is available at 9.99$ per month in which you get 2TB of storage. In addition, you will get 3TB of storage at the cost 16.58$ per month.

For business, the professional plan starts at 19.99$ with 3TB of storage. In the standard plan, you will get 5TB at the charge of 15$ per month and unlimited storage in the advanced plan which starts at 25$ per month.

Following are the Dropbox pricing and plans for individuals:

Dropbox pricing and plans for individuals

Dropbox pricing and plans for teams and businesses are:

Dropbox pricing and plans for businesses

<4. Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive is a cloud storage service by Microsoft company. If you are a Windows user and using Microsoft services, then this is a great cloud storage service for you.

Microsoft OneDrive Cloud Storage

Its best feature is that it integrates easily with other Microsoft devices. If you are using OneDrive in your Windows, it automatically backs up your computer and saves your data in its storage. You can access this data anytime when needed and can also access your files without an internet connection. You can see its personal plans and pricing below:

OneDrive Personal Pricing and Plans

For businesses, OneDrive pricing and plans are given below:

OneDrive Business Plan and Pricing

<5. Mega

Mega is one of the best free cloud storage. If you want to get more storage, then Mega will be the perfect choice for you. They give you 50GB free storage. It is the best secure solution for businesses.

Mega Cloud Storage Service

You will get 400GB of storage in 5.82$ per month and 2TB of storage in 11.65$ per month. All of their paid plans and pricing are given below:

Mega Pricing and Plans

You get the option to upload as well as sync your files in your mobiles and desktop devices. Their security is very good. Your files are end-to-end encrypted.
What is Cloud Storage and Its Working

Summary of Best Cloud Storage Services

Now it’s up to you for which purposes you want to use the cloud storage. Which cloud storage will be best for you? Every company gives you some limited free storage and paid plans for more storage and features. You can use whatever you think is best for you.

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