AOC Has Unveiled A High-performance 300Hz 1440p Gaming Monitor

AGO PRO AG274QGM is AOC’s first-of-the-year announcement, and it looks like it will be one of the most popular gaming monitors of 2022.

The new panel was confirmed by a spokesperson from AOC’s AGON department following a press release on 7th January, revealing some of the display’s core features and specifications.

The first 27-inch 1440p monitor with a scorching 300Hz refresh rate and a 1ms GTG turnaround time, designed specifically for competitive gaming, is the AGO PRO AG274QGM. Moreover, the panel might well highlight mini-LED backlight technology, VESA DisplayHDR 1000 certification, and a wide DCI-P3 gamut, which means that you can expect a measure of success no matter what you choose to play.

An official release date and retail price for the AGO PRO AG274QGM aren’t yet available.

AGO PRO AG274QGM: Designed Specifically For eSports Players

In terms of specifications, AOC’s new AGON monitor will be referred to as the AGO PRO AG274QGM and feature a 300Hz 1440p mini-LED IPS panel. Yes, the AG274QGM is the quickest Quad HD display with a refresh rate of 300Hz and a 1440p resolution. NVIDIA first hinted at the monitor at their CES 2022 media briefing, where they revealed their perspective for gaming monitors in the upcoming years.

The AG274QGM, according to the company’s official statement, was developed with today’s eSports players in mind. All of the panel’s OSD features, as well as its central specifications, are optimized for high-performance gaming.

Nvidia G-Sync Ultimate, which is built into the AG274QGM, and the 300Hz refresh rate of the monitor make for a powerful combination for ultra-smooth gaming. A 1ms GTG response time is expected to further reduce irritating screen artifacts like ghosting and smudging on the panel.

The AG274QGM will have 576 backlight zones thanks to the mini-LED backlight technology, which improves the contrast ratio and reduces haloing when light particles counterpoint with dark backgrounds. This monitor is predicted to have a DCI-P3 color gamut of 95% and VESA DisplayHDR 1000 certification too.

NVIDIA’s assembled Reflex Analyzer will also be included in the AG274QGM, letting players track any input delay among clicks and on-screen outcomes. You won’t be able to point the finger at your monitor anymore, because it looks like it has everything you need.

AOC also unveiled its latest AOC Gaming GM510 Nvidia-reflex mouse at the same time.

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