Cloud Storage: Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Storage

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Before going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of cloud storage. Let’s take a look at what actually cloud storage means?

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is a service model in which data is stored at remote physical locations or remote data systems. You can manage, maintain, and backup your data through these physical locations. You store all of your data on the internet at this storage rather than to store on your hard drives.

The benefit of this service is that you don’t need to store your huge amount of data on the computer. Because your computer only has a limited amount of storage and you can only store limited data on your hard disk. But using cloud storage, you can store and save any amount of your personal and important data on the internet because storage providers also give you unlimited storage plans.

There are many companies on the internet that are providing cloud storage but some popular are Google, Amazon, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDriveUsers are charges for these storage services according to the consumption or according to their monthly plans.

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Below are some of the cloud storage advantages and disadvantages that I am going to discuss:

Advantages or Benefits of Cloud Storage

1.) Cost

One of the benefits of using cloud storage is that customers only pay for the storage they actually use. You don’t need to buy any hardware for your data. Everything is maintained and controlled by the storage providers. While you have to pay again and again rather than a one-time purchase, but their monthly plans are so cheap that you can easily manage and pay for your storage.

2.) Accessibility

By the use of the internet, you can access and manage your data on storage from any device such as a computer, laptop, mobile, etc. That’s the beauty of cloud storage is that it gives the ability to access your data anytime and from anywhere on the internet.

3.) Recovery of Data

It is important for every business to always have a backup of their data in case of emergency situations. If any problem occurs and data is destroyed, then through the backup your lost data can be recovered. Cloud storage is the best platform to backup your data. You can take a backup of all of your data and then retrieve and access this data from anywhere.

4.) Security

Security is of concern for us when it comes to the internet. As many businesses use online storage for their data, they make sure that the service has better security so that their data will be safe in the future.

Cloud storage keeps your data across many different data centers. If one server is stopped due to some problem or maintenance, your data still available to you from other data centers and is safe. This storage also provides automatic backup functionality so that your data always remains safe.

5.) Synchronization

Every cloud storage gives you the synchronization feature. You can sync your data on any device and then can access data from that device. As we know that we can access our same data on any device from the storage, this thing is possible due to synchronization.

When you make any changes to data, due to the sync function all of your changes are updated automatically on all of your devices through which you access your cloud service.

6.) Files Sharing

Almost every storage provider gives you file-sharing options. By which you can share any of your files to other users or can also invite multiple users to see your data.

Disadvantages of Cloud Storage

1.) Internet

You always need a stable internet connection to access the data from cloud storage. Without the internet, you can’t access, manage, or even download your data. It is one of the drawbacks that without the internet you are not able to do anything.

2.) Security and Privacy

When you store data on any storage, your data is not on your computer hardware. So, it’s security and privacy responsibilities are on service providers. Many providers lack in data security and privacy fields. There is always a risk that your data could be leaked at any time.

So when choosing a cloud storage provider, always make sure that their security and privacy system is very good. So that your data will remain safe in the future.

3.) Usability

You need to be very careful when using the drag/drop system to move a file from your local hardware to cloud storage. The reason is that this will move your file from the original folder to the storage location. So it is recommended to always do copy and paste instead of drag/drop so that it will move a copy of the file into storage and your original file will remain in your hard drive. If you want to move any file permanently from the computer to online storage, then you can use drag/drop.

4.) Hardware

It is assumed that cloud storage eliminates the use of our hardware of the computer. But it is not always true, because there are many storage providers that require your computer hard drives as well.

5.) Expensiveness

Many of the popular and best storage services are expensive, the reason is that they are only for business purposes. But if you go with a cheap service, you have to compromise with some limited features.


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