9 Powerful Ways To Market Small Businesses On Instagram

9 Powerful Ways To Market Small Businesses On Instagram

Did you know there are more than 1.3 billion users on Instagram, and it is a great choice for organic reach and promotions? Well, Instagram is a big opportunity for anyone who wishes to have a great reach for their small businesses. So, we have some top methods, Following these can also help you increase your Instagram followers.

Hashtags and Getting Engaged

Hashtags are an important and well-known solution you can apply for better organic reach. Instagram can promote your posts, but you need to follow the rules.

For IGTV, you can try 30 hashtags for video descriptions. On the other hand, you can use no more than 3 hashtags for stories. The strategy that you may follow for this purpose is that you should start with more viral hashtags. Once you have some organic reach and reactions on your account, you can have your own unique ones.

The use of unique ones will help you when you are well-known over this platform. But, before that, try to stick to the more common ones. Using hashtags will definitely help if you do not do spam. So, try using the most relevant hashtags to reach the right people.

Build necessary connections?

Connecting is one of the most important things you must do over Instagram. When you connect with your customers and audience, you have a big chance to know what they really want.

Through knowing their comments and reviews, you have a great chance of improving your content. This is how you keep up with the needs your audience would ever have.

At the same time, you should try engaging by answering their queries. Your business needs exposure, and engaging can win you new opportunities. So, never hesitate to have an excellent responsive relationship with your audience.

Use Giveaways?

Giveaways are a great engagement boost method for all social media platforms. And the stats show that 91 percent of posts with 1000 or more reactions are giveaway posts. It is about spending something for incredible reach. So, you can try bringing a giveaway campaign to get maximum reach and exposure.

At the same time, if you try to do that with an influencer with a few thousand followers, it will get you the maximum edge.

Instagram Bio

Bio is a sum of what you guys can do for someone who may be interested in your services and products. So, try to have a strong copy in this section. Moreover, using proper clickable links can help you grow your landing pages and other cyber places. So, try to use these clickable links to increase your traffic.

If your bio is good enough, your chances of people following you get higher. This is why you should try to have a great bio that tells your brand story, and you will see the results.

Content Tips

We all know that Instagram is a more visual content-based platform. So, it may need a different type of content to make your small business have a big reach. Some top types of content that Instagram loves are:

  1. Brand stories
  2. Video content
  3. Photos of your products
  4. Video reviews and testimonials

You can try any of the mentioned above types of content to get results for your start-up and established small businesses.

Target Locally

When you have a local small business, you got to follow the best practices for that kind of reach. So, try using the strategies that could help you target locally. The stats tell us that if you are targeting locally on Instagram, you may get better reach by 79 percent.

To get the best results for that level, you can optimize your handle for local searches. Try to use a keyword in the name handle and try switching to a business profile when doing that. You should ensure that your followers are close to your area to maximize it.

The second thing to do will be to use local hashtags and geotags to help customers find your business. Above that, you can try collaborating with local-level influencers. Some experts also believe that the use of Instagram wall can help you get a local audience. If you are looking to go for paid promotions, try using Instagram ads for the purpose.

The use of Highlights

Highlights are one of the most reachable and striking features that customers love. So, trying highlights can help you have longer-term benefits. The experts believe that the use of highlights would work if you use product pictures. You can post other types of content like promoting events, behind-the-scenes, using polls, and answering questions that would work. So, never overlook highlights for your small business.

Go live For Your Brand

Brands need the right exposure and when you have a good following, go live on Instagram. This will allow you to have better results. If you have a good live session, your chances of better audience reach increase. When you go live, you have chances of answering questions, telling your story, engage, and showing your products. And that is a lot of help for any brand. Moreover, you can interview someone who could help you with branding. Someone like an Instagram influencer would do the job.

Promotions for Followers

Creating hype is what your business would benefit big time from. So, you can try providing promotions to people who already or will follow you. So, try to offer such promotions for your loyal customers and followers. This strategy would work for businesses of all levels with the best promotion you get.

Final Thoughts

Instagram is a big solution for small businesses. Its use can help you build a local brand that does not even require a big budget. You can try using local hashtags, engaging with the audience, using highlights, and posting content would work too.

For better reach and hype, you must know your audience and what they love. To do that, try to get reviews in both text and visual forms that could help you promote your business from smaller levels. These tactics are tried and tested and would certainly help get your business to higher levels.

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