5 Technologies to Better Monitor and Supervise Any Physical Operation

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You’d have been laughed off if you told people in the 80s that forty years from now, you could carry devices in your pocket that will allow you to talk to anyone globally. Sure, that happened, and technology is only improving by the day. The physical security industry isn’t untouched by technological advancement either.

From remote monitoring services to drones and AI, you can offer quality surveillance and security services as a security guard company. However, you may not know about these technologies, affecting your bottom line. This blog post will discuss five technologies to integrate into your security operations for better security and increased client retention.

Incident Reporting Software

An “incident” can be defined as anything from a fire to theft to a medical emergency in the physical security industry. No matter what happens, it’s important to have a system in place that allows you and your employees to quickly and easily report these incidents.

Start by investing in the right security guard management software. There are several different incident reporting software programs on the market, so it’s important to do your research and choose the one that best fits your needs.

Once you have the software in place, you need to ensure all your employees are trained to use it. The last thing you want is someone to have an incident and not know how to report it.

Access Control Systems (ACS)

An ACS lets you manage your facility’s access. There are several different access control systems; you need to assess and determine which system will be suitable for your security business. It may also depend on your clientele. For example, if you work with many businesses in person, you might want to consider a biometric system that uses fingerprints or iris scans.

The card-based system is another popular access-based system. It uses cards that employees must swipe to gain entry to the building. These cards can also be used to track employee time and attendance.

CCTV Surveillance Systems

A CCTV surveillance system lets you monitor and record activity both inside and outside the facility. When choosing a CCTV system, you need to consider the environment you’ll be monitoring. For example, if you need to monitor a large area, you might want to use a PTZ camera. This type of camera can be controlled remotely and can pan, tilt, and zoom in on an area.

It’s also important to consider the storage capacity of the system. Most CCTV systems come with a certain amount of storage, but you might need more depending on the size of your facility and the amount of activity you’re monitoring.

Intrusion Detection Systems

An intrusion detection system uses sensors to detect when someone has breached the facility’s perimeter. These systems can be used to monitor both the exterior and interior of a building.

The usage depends on the client you are providing security services to. For example, if you’re monitoring a large area, you might want to use a wireless system. This type of system is easy to install and can be monitored remotely. On the other hand, if you’re securing a smaller area, you might want to use a wired system. It is more difficult to install, but it’s also more reliable.

Alarm Systems

An alarm system is used to alert the authorities in the event of an intruder or fire. This system is a must-have for businesses to deter theft and provide employees with an extra layer of safety.

Final Word

The world is moving towards technological enhancements, and the security industry is no exception. If you offer security services to your clients, deploying the above technologies can ensure high-quality services and more credibility.

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